Dress Code

FCPS Dress Code Clarifications: Standards of Dress (#2)

  1. The following are examples of inappropriate dress during the school day:
    • extremely short skirts*
    • swimwear
    • gym or exercise shorts
    • muscle shirts, tank-tops, see-through blouses or cut-away blouses
    • clothing made of spandex, lycra, or other like fabric
    • skin-tight clothing
    • outer garments
  2. Clothing and accessories bearing obscene, suggestive, alcohol, tobacco, or drug-related slogans or symbols are prohibited
  3. Shirts that show a revealing neckline are prohibited. All shirts with the neckline beginning below the crease of the armpits are determined inappropriate
  4. Shirts must have straps that are no less than 2 inches in width (generally, 3 fingers wide)
  5. Pants, slacks and shorts must be worn to prevent from slipping to hip level and must be worn so that the entire waistband is above the top of the hipbone. No cutouts are permitted
Students dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to attend classes until a suitable change of clothes is provided or obtained. Disciplinary action will include warning with parent notification; detention; ISA; or suspension for failure to follow administrative directive.

Standards of Dress for Secondary Physical Education Courses (#3)

Students are not required to wear PE uniforms for PE classes, however, students must follow the standards of dress as described below.
  • Regular school-day clothes are not acceptable for participation in P.E. activities
  • Students shall dress out
  • Students may purchase P.E. uniforms
  • Students are required to wear:
    • t-shirt with sleeves
    • athletic shoes
    • shorts without buttons or zippers that are at least mid-thigh length
* When determining if shorts or skirts are too short, the following test should be performed: Stand up straight allowing the arms to hang extended straight by the sides of the body. If the shorts are above the finger tips they are considered too short.
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